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Step-by-step master class in decor of wall in bedroom

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Today, I would like to offer you a master class in decorating of walls with your hands.

This variant of  decor is very easy in execution. It does not require a large financial outlay and a lot of time.

Similarly to this master-class, you can create a variety of design options for your walls. Idea for a picture, you can find on the Internet or just imagine.

In the children room  numbers or letters can be drawn. And if you try, you can depict the story of some fairy tale.

For wall decor in the bedroom  flowers, butterflies or birds silhouettes will be the most suitable.


We will need:

  • acrylic paints
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • stencil, cut from cardboard
  • pencil

First of all you should shift the drawing on the wall with a pencil.


Then carefully paint the bigger parts of the picture through the stencil.


Finally, draw the smaller elements with a thin paintbrush.


Enjoy the view of your renewed bedroom and continue creating!



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