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Food carving

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Do you know what is food carving?

If not you have lost a lot!

I will tell you some basic information about it.

Fruits and vegetables are truly unique products. They are tasty, healthy , beautiful in natural  and in cooked form. In addition, they are materials for  art serving – carving . The art of carving was born several hundreds of years ago. It appeared in Southeast Asia for decoration and it was called Kae Sa Luk.

In modern Europe and America it has become a popular type of decoration in restaurants. Today , when it is difficult to come up with something radically new in the culinary arts , restaurant chefs pay great attention for flashy dishes decor. Culinary exhibitions can’t be performed without master classes of famous carvers . No one now is surprised by roses and stars made from beets and sausages, but the easiest carvings on watermelon can be the main table decoration.95511277_large_58738736_thumb1jpg40


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 Now if you become interested in it I would like to show a small master-class for carvers-beginners

Chrysanthemum from Chinese cabbage

1. From a head of  Chinese cabbage weighing 300 to 700 g remove loose leaves and cut the upper part of head, leaving about 12-15 cm



2.Work with  carving flute knife  with oval or triangular cross-section.



3. Make cuts of different length in thick veins of the leaves, guiding the knife from the upper edge of the sheet to the bottom of the cabbage. Starting cuts should be thinner. As we approach the cobs deepen the knife into the cabbage.



4. Have not cut 1.5-2 cm to the cobs, remove large leaves. If the sheet is held tight you should make several incisions with small knife.



5. Consequent rows of leaves cut in the same way, shortening the length of the petals of chrysanthemum closer to the middle. If edges of the petals are thin  then in cold water they will curl up into a ring or a nice curve.



6. Put the “chrysanthemum” in iced water for half an hour. The product will get graceful form. Cut out a pair of green “leaves” from cucumber and make a composition on a plate with salad.



More ideas will be in next posts.



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