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Fantastic cakes

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Tasty and sweet cake is something without which it is impossible to imagine a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other celebration. But most of those cakes that we buy in the store – they are usual round sweets. So you can hardly impress your friends with this “chococircle”.
But if on the table there is a decorated cake which is made with a specific theme, the delight of the guests will be unlimited! It is not just the sweet which is eaten together with a tea , it’s a work of art . I suggest you see my collection of creative cakes with incredible design .
If I have not told you what it is in the picture, then you would not believe that this cake, they are more like toys.

            Birthday cakes


Creative-cakes-01         f71927e1b84fe05c07f456652781a2eb


Creative-cakes-16 7831a1b68dcb604bffe8109e1475b8a2


Creative-cakes-49 Creative-cakes-03 7377b3dbb70d3863d233a3348ca5be6b

Wedding cakes

kreativnyie-svadebnyie-tortyi_22              kreativnyie-svadebnyie-tortyi_17

kreativnyie-svadebnyie-tortyi_14            kreativnyie-svadebnyie-tortyi_10

As you can see it is more just bakery, it is art. When you will have some important event next time, don’t be boring, Create!!


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