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Today I will tell you about handmade accessories. Every girl has a lot of accessories: bags, earrings, necklaces, belts, rings, watches and many other things. I have dozens of earrings and bags, and girls will understand me! This type of accessories are not worse than purchased ones, and in most cases they are much more beautiful and durable. Also handmade accessories will cost you much less and gather attention much more. Someone might say that this is a paradox, but in fact those who made their accessories by ​​themselves will answer, it becomes a pattern. It is always nice to create something with your hands. I guarantee! Look around, many people buy accessories from shops, but why you should take someone’s thoughts, if following the simple tips in the workshop, you can create a unique accessory and use it, and appreciate it many times more than purchased item.

Now you can see a very easy workshop and as a result you will have original bracelet with a minimum of raw materials.

Bracelet is probably the most creative kind of jewelry, it can be made from a huge variety of materials. Due to the size and simplicity of this device you can afford variations and experiments.


For weaving bracelet with screw-nuts, you will need:

  • 3 laces or thick cotton threads;
  • screw-nuts;
  • ability to weave braids)


First of all, cut the yarn into three long pieces. Fold together, leaving a tail length of about 8 cm and  weave a braid 3 cm length, make a knot beforehand. After that  start stringing one nut on the outer pieces of yarn and continue to weave braid about 6 cm length, the bracelet should be such that you still have 3 cm left on the second part of the braids without nuts and for a second tail.



When you flip the rope from the sides to the center – hold the nuts with a finger to avoid slipping and sat tight with an angle of 45 degrees.



You can wear it very easy just tying it on the arm.



Use your imagination to create fantastic accessories. Here are some other examples of bracelets.




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