Do it yourself!

Practical work to e-business course


DIY  is a place  for those who want to learn how to work with their hands. You want everything is the way you love? You are willing to learn and take the time to create the ideal conditions for yourselves and your families? You are looking for interesting ideas? This blog is for you!

We are aimed to help you develop your skills of hand-working, induce extension of your imagination and diversify your life.

Welcome to the world of creativity and new ideas!

If you are interested in our work you can visit our store in Mikkeli. Here you can find all needed equipment for creative work. Moreover you can register for group workshops in our creative laboratory  were you will learn how to create amazing things with your hands!

For any questions feel free to contact us!!


For Petteri Muuruvirta:

Our company is aimed to help our clients expand their creativity by providing them with different ideas and workshops. Using tis page we hope to attract more customers to our shop and creative laboratory in Mikkeli. Moreover, we have plans to open a web store and a web laboratory with virtual workshops that will be provided with the help of YouTube. So people who are interested in our page will definitely have business with our company in future.

This page is targeted on women of  any age who like to create wonderful things using their arms. Also some posts can be interesting for men.


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